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Did you know that back pain is considered a symptom? There are several different back pain causes. The most common back pain causes may involve disease but most likely involve an injury to the muscles, nerves, or bones. The pain you feel may be just confined to the low area of your back or it may radiate down a leg or two. Sometimes the pain is worsened by strenuous activity or prolonged sitting; only you know what makes the pain better and worse. And understanding your pain will be the key to proper back pain treatment and relief.

A back pain treatment to help relieve lower back pain can be something as simple as sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. But if that either doesn’t work or only relieves your pain at night It is time to look into another back pain treatment. With health care being so expensive physical therapy can cost you hundreds out of pocket. If you want to save money and find some relief you need to check out Back to Life Video.  Now you can have the same effective treatments in your home without the high costs and hassles.

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